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Online Money earning Games Play & earn ₹1000

Online Money earning Games Play & earn ₹1000 in the previous article, i told you about many money earning apps. So guys today in this article i am going to tell you about some such apps from where you can earn money by playing games how to earn money online.

So guys and till now you would have played only games, but you would not have earned your money from anywhere. In this article i am going to tell you about an amazing app from which you can earn money.

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App Name Rush Earn Money
Downloads 500K+
Source earn Money Online
Transfer Paytm Account
Download Here

What Is Rush Earning App?

In this article, i am going to tell you about the rush online earning app, from which you can earn money very easily how to earn money online without investment.

If you searching on internet best earning app today then rush app is best for earn money online today. Today online money earning app for android.

You get a lot of games in this Rush Earning app, which you can easily earn a lot of money by playing. In Rush money earning app you get games like Ludo, Carrom, Fruit Cutter and more and you earn money everyday.

To download the Rush app, i have given a link here, you can download it by clicking on the link, and you can earn money online from rush app.

How To Create Account In Rush Earning?

So guys before earning money in Rush app you have to create an account inside it only then you will be able to earn money here.

Open > Rush Earn App > Enter Your Mobile Number > Verify With OTP > Your Rush Earning Account Created.

How To Play Games & Earn Money?

So you must have understood how to create rush earning account. So let’s now know how to earn money from Rush Earning Apps.

So to earn money, you have to open this app, after that you will find many games inside it. After that you have to click on the game which you want to play the game here and earn money.

The price of the game you want to play vary. If a entry fee ₹3 and you want to play this game, so yours ₹3 and the person in front ₹3 total ₹6. So guys if you won the game then you will total earned ₹4.8 and ₹1.2 keep the remaining amount yourself.

In this way this app gives an opportunity to earn money and many people also earn money online in this way.

More Earn Money Online From Rush App

So guys let’s now talk about how to earn maximum money from Rush App. Looking guys inside this app you get games with small price as well as games with big price. Then guys if you play big price games in a day then there are more chances that you will be able to earn maximum money in a day.

Second thing, the more you play the game inside this app, the more money you will be able to earn, then it depends on you.

Rush Earning Withdraw

So now let’s talk about how to transfer money from this Rush app to your account. The best thing or money is deposited in your account very quickly.

To take earned money into your bank account from this app, you will have to add money once inside this app. Then you will transfer winnings money into Paytm Account.

How to Add Money In Rush Earning App

So guys, how to add money in this app later to play games, so let me tell you that to in this article. It is very easy to add money in this app.

Open > Rush App > Click On Add Cash > Choose Your Amount > Click On Pay >  Enter Your UPI Id or Paytm > Pay Your Amount > Your Cash Will Added.

You have to add minimum ₹15 in your rush wallet or maximum you will add ₹9999 add as much as you want here.


Now you must have learned how to earn money by playing games and this application must have proved to be very good for you.

Note: If you play the game well in this app, then you can make more maximum money. Please play at your own risk to earn money in this app because your money can also be lost in this.

Otherwise, you must have liked this game very much and you must have also learned that it is best to earn money, then definitely share it with your friends.

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