Detection Window For Shrooms In Drug Testing

Testing for shrooms is way different than other drugs. Time frames are extremely short for most of the tests, while the longer window testing comes with a huge cost. Having a lack of tests readily available is also a reality one has to face when looking into shroom testing.

Knowing things like how long do shrooms take to hit is also important when you’re trying to understand testing limitations of shrooms. Being familiar with how long the compounds in shrooms will stay active in the human system will show just how quickly someone needs to be tested.

Let’s get into the specifics of detection windows for shroom drug testing!

Generally the Detection Windows for Shrooms is Short for Blood and Saliva Testing

The human body processes the compounds found in shrooms very quickly. Usually within 24 hours of consuming these magic mushrooms, a person will have eliminated everything from the body. Because of this, testing for shrooms is extremely difficult. There are blood and saliva tests that can detect shrooms, but they need to be administered while the person is actively on them in order to work. Essentially it must be suspected that the person is using in order for these tests to be effective. 

How Long Do Shrooms Take to Hit and How Long They Last Will Determine the Testing Window

As you’ve just learned, the human body will typically eliminate all the compounds found in shrooms pretty quickly. Though it’s important to note, if someone is larger or has a slower metabolism the shrooms may take longer to get out of their body. When this is the case, the detection window will be increased a little bit. Even under these circumstances though, it’s unlikely to test past two days with blood and saliva testing.

Testing By Hair Follicle Has a Longer Test Window but is Really Expensive

In the world of drug and alcohol testing, you can use a sample of hair to test for up to ninety days of usage. This is really nice if you need to get a history from someone, but these tests are also extremely expensive. You usually have to get a special order for them, but they do tell the history of a lot of things. The one thing these tests do not tell is exactly when the drugs or alcohol has been consumed. It only provides a general timeline.

All Shroom Tests Are Extremely Uncommon Making Them Difficult to Find

Unfortunately, all three types of shroom detection tests are very difficult to locate. It’s not typically something you can get on the fly. If there’s a need for shroom testing, a person or company will have to take the time to prepare for this type of testing. Definitely a lot of research is needed to proceed with it. If you’re hoping to find out if someone you know is on to them or not, it might be easiest to talk with them and see where they are at with life.

Short to Long Testing Windows for Shrooms

Now you can see all the possible detection methods and windows available for testing for shrooms. Knowing how long do shrooms take to hit along with how long they can last will help with when testing can possibly be done via blood or saliva testing. As for hair testing you now know although it shows history it doesn’t show exactly when usage happened. Although not common, it is wise to know about shroom testing methods and those coming up on the horizon. If someone you know is using this drug, it’s better to know more than know less!

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