Why Your School Need A .edu Domain Name

Aussie schools have long-benefited from using a .edu domain name. It makes it obvious that you are running a school and that your website is the first place students can go to enrol. What’s more, it carries a reputable aesthetic that makes it imperative for educational facilities.

After all, have you ever seen an Aussie school with a simple “.com” extension? If you did, you would likely be confused as to whether it was actually a school or not!

With this in mind, here are some of the benefits to have a .edu web and email address:

  • It’s a credible extension for schools

When you want to buy domain names Australia, it’s important to know that extensions like .edu and .gov are restricted to organisations operating under that title. Therefore, the .edu extension is restricted to educational facilities, meaning organisations that don’t provide registered education cannot use this extension.

This automatically gives the extension a credible and reputable aesthetic that your school simply couldn’t have with a generic “.com” or “.org” extension. It immediately provides new and potential students the knowledge that, yes, you are a registered educational facility and, yes, you can likely provide the course they want to undertake.

  • It has an authoritative aesthetic

The last thing your school’s website needs is a generic “.com” or “.org” extension, why? Because it looks like you simply aren’t serious about providing a proper education to your students. This is because one of the first things Australian schools do when they’re making their websites is register a .edu domain name.

It has an authoritative aesthetic that shows you are serious about education and that you are there to provide to those who seek it. And, when partnered with a “.au” country-code extension it also shows that you are an educational facility in Australia and likely provide a high standard of education to students.

  • It is a trustworthy extension

Potential students simply won’t trust your school if their first interaction is through your web address and it doesn’t have the .edu extension. Why? Because the .edu extension is one of the oldest in the game and students past, present and future are already very used to seeing educational facilities have this extension.

Therefore, if you want your school to look reliable, trustworthy and that you’re actually offering educational services, then you simply need this extension to convey that to your current and potential students.

  • It comes with a host of extra features

Schools that enlist and provide .edu web addresses to staff and students receive a range of awesome features that include discounts to some of the world’s top apps. Just two of the fantastic apps that schools with a .edu email receive access to include Microsoft 365 (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more) as well as Canva, Grammarly and Spotify.

Having these perks included with your .edu email address is fantastic as some of these apps (like Canva and Microsoft 365) are invaluable educational tools whose subscriptions can otherwise cost a lot of money to maintain.

  • It’s the only way for schools

There are no two ways about it: your Aussie school cannot go without this imperative extension. We don’t mean to sound alarmist but it’s simply the way it is. Your school will benefit greatly from having this reputable extension as students current and future will trust the domain name knowing that it has been securely registered as an education provider.

So, you’re only really schooling yourself if your institution doesn’t have the .edu domain name.

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