Main advantages of singles

When people come to online betting Ghana, they probably don’t even realize that they initially use singles. After all, few start their sports bets by immediately constructing an “accumulator”. Moreover, many continue to work through single bets. And it’s not surprising, as they have several advantages. Experts cite the main advantages of singles:

1. Simplicity and accessibility.

Essentially, there’s nothing to study and calculate. Everyone plays singles. Beginners simply choose the option that looks more appealing, more “passable”. Even when they grow into advanced bettors, nothing fundamentally changes. Only now, there’s more serious preparation, the search for “valuable” options.

2. Good odds.

Yes, bookmakers still apply a margin, but it’s only paid once. If you don’t work with a bookmaker who charges a commission of around 20 percent and instead play on sites where it’s limited to 2-3%, the expenses for this will be minimal. With accumulators and systems, the cumulative size of this margin can grow significantly— it all depends on the number of events collected.

3. Controlled risks.

It is considered that a single bet is one of the least risky types of sports bets. It’s enough to simply compare where the chance of ending up with nothing is higher, with two separate bets or if these events are combined into an accumulator. In the first case, if one bet fails, the second one will “win”, while in the second case, the entire amount will be lost.

4. Easier to track bet records.

Working through single bets, it’s more convenient for the player to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment). This abbreviation refers to the average profitability indicator of a betting coupon. To find it, you need to divide the net profit by the total number of bets placed by the player, and multiply the result by 100%. This is necessary to understand how good you are at betting, whether you can make money from betting. So, all experienced players constantly monitor their ROI level. If you try to calculate this coefficient in accumulators and/or systems, the player will encounter significant inaccuracies, and the analysis becomes subjective.

Of course, singles also have disadvantages. The main one, compared to accumulators, is a much more modest potential income. But here, each player determines for themselves what suits them best, whether they are more inclined towards risk minimization or attempting to take a higher “jackpot”.

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